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Jillian Bromley

Director, BA, DipAppPsych, RN, RPN.

Jillian has been a lecturer and practitioner in Counselling, Mental Health and Psychology since 1974. She established Fernhill Counselling in Singapore in 2003. Jill has many years of experience working with mental health problems but in Singapore the most common needs have been pre and post-natal depression, anxiety and stress, family and couples relationship problems, expatriate issues and relationships education.

Jillian uses a variety of counselling styles and is guided by the client’s particular needs. Logotherapy or Existential therapy has been her special interest for more than 20 years and may be offered in conjunction with other therapies.

She also coordinates the post natal depression services at Fernhill, offering both individual and group support to new mums and providing talks and information to other services and agencies. She provides workshops such as Stress Management to companies and community groups, and child development workshops for parents.

Jillian completed mediation training in London in 2000 and provides mediation services for couples, families and corporate disputes.

An experienced lecturer, Jillian taught at The Flinders University (South Australia) for 15 years and provides lectures in several areas of psychology. In Singapore she has prepared and taught psychology topics for James Cook University, University of Southern Queensland and other educational institutions. She also supervises counselling students on placement from Monash and James Cook Universities.

She holds a BA and post-grad diploma in Psychology from Flinders University (South Australia), a second major in Asian Studies and Nursing qualifications in Psychiatric, General and Community Health. In Australia she worked at Glenside Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital, and then nine years of experience doing case work for Southern Domiciliary Care and Rehabilitation Service in mental health assessment and treatment in the community.

In 1982 she moved to a lecturing position at The Flinders University and continued counselling practice at Flinders Medical Centre. As part of her university work she spent one year in Xian and one year in Beijing, PRC, teaching, doing research and aid project assessment. After retiring from Flinders she worked in community counselling and training in the UK for three years before moving to Singapore.