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Beata Sabala-Maslowska

MA (Counselling), DipDegree Speech Path, MOTPrac. OT
Beata is currently living in Australia and continues to see clients online.

Beata Sabala-MaslowskaBeata is a skilled counsellor and psychotherapist with over 15 years of professional practice. Since moving to Singapore in 2009 she has worked in private practice. She previously worked in Australia in the public mental health sector. Beata is experienced in working with adolescents, adult individuals and couples from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Being an expat and living across her lifespan in 7 different countries helps her appreciate the challenges individuals and families may face when moving to live in a new country.

Beata has a warm, thoughtful, client-centred approach to her therapeutic work. She provides a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental and respectful environment for clients to share and explore their problems and challenges. She sees each client’s difficulties within context of their personal life and regards each client an expert on their own experiences.

Beata is committed to assist her clients in gaining insights into the underlying patterns of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours and how they impact their daily lives. Her clients are empowered to make more informed choices and develop better coping strategies to allow for change in their life. Furthermore, Beata is deeply committed to providing her clients with evidence-based treatment to effectively manage the challenges in their life, with the focus on health and well-being.

Beata’s therapeutic work with her clients is informed by trauma and attachment theories. She draws upon a range of therapeutic approaches depending on the individual needs of her clients. Therapeutic techniques Beata uses include Schema Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy, and Gottman Method Couple Therapy.

Beata holds a Master in Counselling degree (Monash University, Australia) and Master in Occupational Therapy Practice degree (LaTrobe University, Australia).

She is a Clinical Member of the Singapore Association for Counselling and a Member of EMDR Singapore.

Beata attends a regular clinical supervision and is committed to professional development regularly attending workshops and courses.