Clinical Services | Coaching


Patricia Evans and Lilian Ing.

We use theories and strategies from psychology and counselling to help people move from where they are to where they want to be in a variety of settings. People may seek help to identify and achieve their personal life goals or professional goals. These could include planning career transitions, improving professional and personal communication skills or organizational skills.

In the workplace there may be issues blocking effective functioning of an individual or group. We can assist in assessing the problems, planning for change and supporting the process of change.

Common strategies for improving group and personal effectiveness include: maintaining mental and physical health, relaxation and stress management, two chair work for communication problems, assertion training, improving self esteem and self efficacy, relaxation techniques for muscle tension, headache and pain, achieving satisfaction and balance in work, family and life, setting goals and making plans for change.

Coaching draws ideas and techniques from several disciplines and therapies to promote change and success when you are:

  feeling stuck
  experiencing high levels of fear and stress
  annoyed by other people
  lacking direction
  having limiting beliefs
  lacking self-confidence
  lacking wellbeing and energy
  struggling with addictions
  desiring fulfilling relationships
  willing financial security