Clinical Services | Crisis Counselling

Personal or Family Crisis

After normal hours we offer some limited emergency services.

We are available especially for women having difficulty coping with their babies or who think they may be suffering from Post-Natal Depression (PND) or for family crisis situations.

If you are having thoughts of suicide we can provide an urgent appointment time but we also suggest you contact other emergency services listed in the Resources section.

Crisis Counselling following Trauma

If you or your family has experienced a traumatic event you may benefit from early psychological intervention to limit the effects of the trauma. This is a complex area of counselling which is constantly researched and reviewed.

The trauma may be physical injury and pain, illness or death of a family member, psychological distress from physical or sexual assault, shock and loss from involvement in a major event affecting many people, involvement in war and many other situations.

Whilst some people overcome such events without the need for help, others may have a short term need for counselling and others will develop post trauma disorders needing more intensive and specialist therapy.

Our psychologists and counsellors have varied backgrounds and have worked with people experiencing acute distress following trauma from many different causes. We frequently update our knowledge in this area and some staff have also trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD).

Someone is normally available until 11pm Monday to Thursday and 11am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays. In some situations we can provide a home visit.

Please call 9623 4461 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.