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Pre and Post-Natal Support

Many women suffer mild depression, anxiety and sleep problems associated with pregnancy, and for a few months after giving birth. Depression may occur at any time during the first year after childbirth and the experience can range from just having occasional sad days and a few tears, often called Baby Blues, to a much more severe depression lasting more than two weeks. Lack of sleep and feeling anxious about all the new responsibilities can contribute to feeling depressed.

It is also common for new fathers to have mood changes and need to talk to someone about their experiences.

If you have had a baby in the past year and you have days when you really feel like life is too hard – please call us on 9623 4461 and we will make a time for a phone chat on the same day. You may also book an urgent appointment or a home visit.

Counsellors and psychologists at Fernhill have considerable experience with this issue and ran the first post-natal depression group at Mother and Child in Tanglin Mall from 2002. We are not currently running a group but could support a self-help group if there are mothers interested in meeting and talking.

Assessment and counselling can include practical suggestions to help simplify the day, tips on how to get a little more sleep, relaxation and mindfulness training, as well as help to improve communication when the family is feeling stressed, and specific counselling for anxiety or depression.

Crisis Counselling is available after hours, on a limited basis, for emergency situations. Especially for women having difficulty coping with their babies, or those who think they may be suffering from Post-Natal Depression (PND).